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♣ Arrived: Day 78
♣ Legacy: Day 372 (holy shit nearly 300 days of being a game-playing team member geez)
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Memory and skill write-ups
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Hey, Aoko!

. . . so I guess you're leaving soon, huh? Dummy. I knew you wouldn't be able to say no to someone's cry for help. That's just the kinda person you are, y'know? S'not a bad thing. Heh, I'd probably say yes too if I were in your position. So don't feel bad, all right? I meant it when I said I'd be okay. Go to Firebird's realm and do your best, yeah? Call me when you can idiot-- and don't forget, either! If you do, then when you get back I'll make sure to fill your shampoo with bright green hair dye! The color would go quite nicely with your eyes. ♥

. . . nah, I wouldn't do that to you now. I think we're past the stage where I make fun of you because I don't know how to tell you what I'm really thinking. I guess I was pretty dumb back then. I'm sorry.

I love you.

I love you, but you're stupidly frustrating at times, like now when you're packing up and leaving on a quest right as Solstice gets booked and Coral loses two members.

. . . I don't care, though, 'cause I'm pretty dumb and frustrating too. And that part of you that propels you to go. . . that big heart of yours that's capable of loving a thief and feeling compassion for the people around you. . . the dumb heart that's stubborn enough to make you risk your life instead of the ideals and the things that make you Aoko. . . that stupidly strong heart that propels you forward even when you're scared and want to give up. . .

That's the part of you I love the most.

I dunno what I'm saying. I'm kinda drunk right now-- you can blame a Persona for that one. Sorry!

I just wanted you to know.


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[warning: intense acting in this post]
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IT HAS BEEN A WHILE so let's do a multi-purpose meme!

Question meme for Kaito and Garry, though I welcome questions for dropped characters or characters from other games (Deco, Terminal, GAMES I PLAYED IN AGES AGO BUT DROPPED) too. Though FYI if you ask a relationship question you'll get the hearts that I didn't fill out last time sob.

AND SECONDLY, if you give me a set of characters + a prompt I'll write you a sentence for them! An example would be:

Kaitou Kid + Pink (post-Aather)
Inspector Nakamori could have sworn that Kaitou Kid's tie had always been red, and he could never quite figure out why, after the thief's several month absence from the heisting scene, he suddenly switched to a bright, gaudy pink one.

I might write something longer too idk GIMME PROMPTS I AM FEELING CREATIVE. ♥

[Skill 15]

Jul. 2nd, 2013 11:54 pm
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Skill: Kendo (beginner level, the stuff you would learn in a high school PE class)
Regained: Day 261; Skill Game 37 (Mother)
Notes: Skills come in the form of a single long strip of worn paper with a line drawn down its center in red ink.

Some... level of kendo proficiency, I guess! Enough to defend himself if needed but it's not super great. IT'S JUST BEGINNER LEVEL... stuff you'd learn in PE class \'-'/

[Memory 69]

Jul. 2nd, 2013 11:46 pm
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Memory: Trivial Positive - Using magic to hustle weapons dealers out of a diamond encrusted pool cue (MK; The Hustler v. The Magician)
Regained: Day 260; Game 200 (The Butterfly)
Notes: Memories are in the form of a plain wooden handle that looks like it broke off a crank of some kind. Turn it in the air one full circle to get your memory. (Shareable; 2/3 uses left)

blah )
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Memory: Trivial Neutral - Aoko and the adult spell (MK; Would You Grow Up)
Regained: Day 259; Game 199 (Gerda)
Notes: Memories come in the form of a tiny, tiny giftbox wrapped in one of nine unique wrapping papers that you can only find in Aather (you can choose which). Unwrap the gift, and you'll find a sugar cookie! Eat it to receive your memory.

Adult spell... )
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Because all the cool kids are doing it! For:

Aather: Kit/Kaito, Pepper/Angie and Pastel/Garry
Decollage: Kit/Kaito


[Memory 67]

Jun. 3rd, 2013 08:02 am
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Memory: Significant Negative - Being told by Jii that death was not an accident, it was MURDER (MK; Return of the Mysterious Thief)
Regained: Day 254; Game 195 (Mira)
Notes: Memories are in the form of candy apples the size of your thumbnail. They come in clusters of 3. (Shareable; 2/3 uses left)

I'm Kaitou Kid )

[Memory 66]

Jun. 3rd, 2013 07:57 am
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Memory: Trivial Neutral - "Knowing what's inside the box before you open is called being a detective." (DC; Big Adventure in the Eccentric Mansion)
Regained: Day 253; Game 194 (The Butterfly)
Notes: Memories are in the form of a small, strangely sweet steak pie. At least, it has the appearance and general texture of a steak pie. It tastes a little off, and it won't actually sate any hunger.

Pandora's Box )

[Skill 14]

May. 27th, 2013 10:38 pm
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Skill: Acting skills (completing the master of disguise trifecta, he can also convincingly act like someone else. This would also contribute to stage presence and general performance skills required of a magician)
Regained: Day 252; Skill Game 35 (Mr. Right.)
Notes: Skills come in the form of a bay leaf. Eat the whole thing to obtain your skill. IF YOU FEEL THE NEED TO COOK WITH IT you're getting some mild hallucinations (1-2 hours) along with your skill when you consume whatever it is you cooked the bay leaf with.

What it says on the tin, really. NOW KIT CAN ACT WITHOUT BEING STUPIDLY OVERDRAMATIC... and he can actually be pretty convincing if he needs to be.
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Memory: Significant Positive - Stealing a diamond from the Queen! (MK; Crystal Mother)
Regained: Day 251; Game 192 (The Mad Hatter)
Notes: Memories come in the form of brightly-colored party crackers! However. You will need a friend or teammate to hold one end while you pull on the other—resulting in a shared memory. SURPRISE!

Thieveryyyy )
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Memory: Trivial Negative - Ski trip jealousy and clingy witch (MK; Stay Away From Him)
Regained: Day 249; Game 191 (Dog + Cheshire Cat)
Notes: Memories come in the form of condiment packets; each labeled and with a little dotted curve on the corner that says ‘TEAR ME.’ one is KETCHUP, one is MUSTARD, and one is RELISH! you have to eat the entire packet to get the memory. (Shareable; 2/3 uses left)

My face is always like this )
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Memory: Significant Negative - First encounter with the SOCCER BALL OF DEATH and escape from the boat (DC; Black Star)
Regained: Day 246; Game 189 (Hua Mulan)
Notes: Memories come in the form of two palm-sized lion statues in a team colored bag. Break the statue to receive. (Shareable; 1/2 uses left)

I'll make you into a mastermind Kaitou Kid... )
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It has been nearly three months, I am overdue! So how about a question meme for:

Aather: Kit/Kaito, Pepper/Angie And Garry is in the queue if you want to ask about him!
Decollage: Bella/Trucy, Kit/Kaito
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Memory: Significant Negative - THANKS FOR THE C4 TANTEI-KUN 8| (DC; Mystery Train)
Regained: Day 241; Game 185 (Columbine)
Notes: Memories come in the form of a small bag of popcorn, tied with a ribbon in your team colors. (Shareable; 5/6 uses left)

Explosives D: )
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Memory: Trivial Negative - Scuba diving with Aoko 8|;; (MK; The Underwater Pirate Ship)
Regained: Day 240; Game 184 (Mother + Gingerbread Witch)
Notes: Memories come in the form of tea cookies. (Shareable; 3/4 uses left)

Scuba diving :|;; )
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Memory: Significant Positive - Scaring the crap out of some guy who was trying to kill him (DC; The Private Eyes' Requiem)
Regained: Day 239; Game 183 (Odile)
Notes: These come in the form of hearts shaped out of ruby-colored crystal. Shatter yours to get the memory.

Oh it seems your cute junior is smarter than you )
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Memory: Trivial Positive - Preventing Aoko's dad from losing his job (MK; The Police are Everywhere)
Regained: Day 237; Game 181 (Dream)
Notes: Memories are in the form of sugar holly leaves - there's 3 leaves and a 2 berries so you have 5 uses out of these memories if you don't eat them in one go. (Shareable; 4/5 uses left)


[Skill 13]

Apr. 3rd, 2013 04:10 pm
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Skill: CHEMISTRY STUFF (idk knowledge that lets people mix sleeping gas and know how C4 works)
Regained: Day 236; Skill Game 33 (Guinevere)
Notes: Skills come in the form a nice ripe pear.

SO WAY BACK WHEN in Shark's heart there was a bunch of C4! And in all honesty Kit probably should've been ale to recognize it/know how to use even though I played him at not knowing how to use it, it cuz he's a Gosho boy and Gosho boys have shit ton of random skills, and those random skills do, in fact, include the practical application of chemistry and knowledge. I mean, Kaito uses sleeping gas in canon to knock people out and I am pretty sure he figures out how to mix it himself.


With this skill comes knowing how to practically apply chemical knowledge! I don't know if it'll ever come in handy in Aather, but eh, he has it anyway just in case.